Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chicken Ranch Quesadilla

Super easy and fast and my kids liked them minus the green onions. These were even easier because we have been watching at the end of the day for rotisserie chickens to go half off and then shredding the chicken and freezing it. Its been so great to be able to go outside and grab a bag of already shredded chicken!

1 c chicken shredded
1 c Monterrey jack cheese, grated
1/2 c ranch
1 green onion, sliced

Mix all ingredients expect tortillas. Spread mixture over tortilla and cook on both sides until the cheese is melted and the tortilla nice and toasted.

Yummy and fast! Not a great hyperphe recipe :)


Grandma Caroline said...

Sounds delicious, I will try it when I'm off my fasting.

Abbie said...

That sounds so yummy and fast! I saw Pam the other day at the store getting all the rotiserrie chickens she could get her hands on, I never thought to do that. What a great idea. The ones from Costco would be good too since they seem to be bigger and cheaper. (Except I have had to ban myself from Costco):)

Tyece said...

I'm going to try this! i recently dared try some homemade tortillas--lets just say they are far from round.. but yummy just the same! i'm in the mood for your pineapple and lemon chicken but i can't find the full recipie - and i couldn't seem to find in on your blog either, can you help me out? it's so summery and moist - round pineapple slices and rice, do you remember?